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About CrossFit Siam

CrossFit Siam Who we are and what we can do for you! 

CrossFit Siam Who we are and what we can do for you! 

We have no room for egos in our classes, and while everyone is working on their own to reach their goals, you will find that everyone is incredibly supportive of the “group”.

Our brand new, state of the art training facility opened in December 2020 with every aspect of our members’ needs considered. We have spacious changing and showering areas, a swimming pool along with a sauna and ice pool to aid recovery.

We are currently offering two CrossFit classes each day, which are scheduled in the morning and evening. We follow the latest scientific training methods, which means that our classes are 90 minutes in duration. It allows our members to complete a full warm-up while emphasising correct technique and form during the class. By limiting our class sizes to just 15 members, we can focus on each individuals’ needs.

We are committed to building core strength and help you to meet your fitness goals. Regardless of if you want to build muscle mass, increase toning or reduce body weight, our coaches can help you. We can help athletes of all abilities ranging from beginners to professionals. You will find our classes’ focus is about building a team and community spirit; or as we call it, the Siam Team!


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Coach Noah

He an ex professional football player, having played youth in England and pro in Costa Rica and Spain. He has trained sport for most his life however He first started CrossFit in his late teens to help his football. After falling in love with CrossFit in Spain and eventually changing career paths. 

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Coach Rorie

 I am the conditioning coach here at Phuket Fight club/CrossFit Siam. I have taken part as an
athlete/recreational athlete in many combat sports from boxing to BJJ. I played lots of rugby
when I was younger and found my love for contact sports at an early age which led me to takepart and gain experience in each sport.

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Coach Paolo

Paolo is a highly experienced fitness professional with a passion for CrossFit and basketball. With a CrossFit level 2 certification and extensive experience managing fitness facilities and coaching CrossFit in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, he has honed his skills in helping others achieve their fitness goals. Additionally, Paolo has played basketball for over 20 years at a semi-professional level, demonstrating his dedication to the sport. 

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Coach William

Will was a national level powerlifter before he fell in love with CrossFit. He is a level 2 CrossFit Coach and has a Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness. With a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals, Will has taken his expertise to Thailand, where he’s dedicated to transforming lives one rep at a time.

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Featured Reviews

Here are the best coaches. You won’t be embarrassed by your first participation. Nathalie will teach you all the techniques of Crossfit. And the friendliest friends

- Maya Zhang

Super friendly, encouraging and fun environment with people of many nationalities. Great programming by coach Nathalie who always looks after each and every one of us.

- Nori T.

Such an amazing facility Friendly helpful staff - fantastic coaching Lovely members Really new clean facility with a pool, saunas and an ice bath ! Highly recommended to anyone in the area

- Tom Harrison

New and clean facility. (New equipments, ice pool, sauna etc.) Helpful & positive staff. Great community. They are welcome any levels. Coach Natalie is the best, focus on techniques and attention to everyone like a pt. If you wanna learn skills and upgrade, she is the one!!! I am highly recommended SIAM CROSSFIT to everyone. Go there and “Get It Done”

- Leo Levent